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UX • UI design

People ignore design
that ignores people.

User Experience (UX) design

is about understanding why your target audience behaves the way it does.

Not change its behaviour, but accommodate it in how the product works, looks and feels to the user.

User Interface (UI) design
is everything we see on a website or an app:

  • The menus and buttons we tap or click

  • Graphics, images, text and colours

  • Animations we interact with.

A good UI should cover 4 things: 

  • Structure of navigation and information architecture 

  • Layout, including page hierarchy 

  • Content - how it is placed within the design 

  • Functionality wireframes describing how the product will work and how it is meant to interact with users. 


A prototype is a working model of a finished product built to test a creative idea. It is a stage in the design process that can be learned from.

No product of any commercial value can go into full production before it is prototyped and user-tested. 

In my recent booklet 'Brief Guide to Prototyping for UX', I explore the benefits of prototyping, manual vs digital prototyping tools, fidelity, rapid prototyping and the user testing process. I hope you find it useful.

UX and Prototyping are inseparably linked.

  • UX focuses on the overall experience of a person using a product, such as websites, apps or tech equipment.

  • Prototyping is about finding out as early as possible in the design process if the tested product triggers users' positive emotions when engaging with the product.

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