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Bad design shouts at you.
Good design is the silent seller.

print design

Like most modern-day consumers and web junkies, we love the speed and convenience that the digital age brings to our lives. Yet print continues to influence us, inform us and entertain us.

Although the world has long moved online, print continues to play an important role in the way companies communicate their culture, their brand and their products to their customers.


CD PRINT ARTWORK with a picture of a suave male jazz singer.

catalogues/ brochures

The captivating smell of print ink, the tactile magic of a brochure or a magazine, the turning of physical pages - it all adds to the positive experience of a brand as it brings that extra bit of edge helping to further promote customer loyalty.

promo & exhibitions

restaurant menus 

- A4 -

deRADA Brasserie - Lunch Menu A4
deRADA Brasserie - Lunch Menu A4

- A3 -

deRADA Brasserie a-la-carte A3
deRADA Brasserie Drinks Menu A3

- A2 -

deRADA Brasserie - Wall A2 Menu
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