ZigMEDIA is a Birmingham UK based design agency offering web development, branding, graphics, content architecture, copywriting and UX UI design services.

 OUR VALUES  as designers, communicators, and as regular guys:

  • Depth, excellence, innovation in everything we commit to.

  • Our business focus is always on people.

  • Partnership, fairness & professional integrity.

  • Relationships can be testing - be patient and stay positive.

  • Social and emotional intelligence - always tend to others carefully, civilly, sensitively.


 OUR DESIGN THINKING  relies on observation of patterns and functional ideas that have emotional value, helping you communicate successfully with your audience in any media.

Nobody can run a business based purely on feeling, intuition and inspiration. However, an over-reliance on metrics, the rationale and the analytical proves all too often to be counter-productive.

At ZigMEDIA, we weave the two together, offering effective user-centred design solutions aimed expressly at your target audience.​

Stephen Ziggy Tashi
Creative director

 OUR COPYWRITING & COPY-EDITING SERVICES  - the importance of text content that is fit for purpose cannot be overstated. Your brand reputation, your SEO/ Google ranking very much depend on it.


A poorly crafted text on your site or your social media page can potentially cause irreparable damage to your brand. The opposite is, of course, just as valid.

Good copy is not just about correct grammar or syntax. It's about the dynamics of your message, your understanding of the audience you aspire to reach, and the clarity and genuine empathy for your site visitors that your copy reflects.


Whether you need text content written from scratch or edit your existing copy, we are here to craft and maintain a crisp and exciting story about your business, in line with your marketing needs.

 OUR WORK  is geared towards small to medium-sized businesses. Whether you're after a simple or a content managed site, we recommend the highly expandable and adaptive Wix® web platform that's steadily gaining traction among serious developers.

All website costs considered, such as development time, the cost of plugins, high-quality stock photography, security updates or web hosting, a Wix® site is a cost-effective, time-saving, safe and hassle-free alternative to WordPress®.

 PRINT  - we design for print too - packaging, leaflets, restaurant menus, brochures, catalogues, posters, backdrops for exhibition stands, CD/ DVD/Blu-ray cover designs ... You name it, we'll do it.


 Even with what we believe are logical decisions, the very point of choice is arguably always based on emotion.

       — Jim Camp, Big Think