At ZigMEDIA, we make it our priority to understand why your target audience behaves the way they do, NOT change or influence their behaviour, but accommodate it in how the product works, looks, and feels to the user. UX design is, above all, a people-focussed craft.



In my recent book Brief guide to prototyping for UX, I look into the benefits of prototyping, manual vs digital prototyping tools, fidelity, rapid prototyping, the user testing process etc. Prototype is a working model of a finished product built to test a creative idea, and crucially, a process that can be learned from.

User Experience and Prototyping are inseparably linked. UX focusses on the overall experience of a person using a product, such as a website or apps. Prototyping is about finding out as early as possible in the design process if the tested product triggers positive emotions.

No serious product can go into full production before it is prototyped and user-tested.