"Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room."
Jeff Bezos

Logo is an essential part of a clear brand communication. It is a shorthand illustration and a visual clue to the brand, its culture, its ethos and its uniqueness. A well-designed logo can transcend all national, cultural and language barriers.

A logo representing a brand is meant to clearly and instantly inform the target audience about the company identity. Logos can be serious, funny, sharp, soft, aggressive, friendly, or a mix of any of these, whichever works best.

Client: Mikan Zlatkovich

Jazz Pianist, San Diego, CA USA

Client: Creative Artizans

Solihull, UK


Client: Istituto HFC

Family Mediation - Rome, Italy

Client: Fox Art Galleries


Birmingham, UK

Client: Daniel J. Parc

Jazz Singer, San Diego, CA USA

Client: Be Safe - GPS Tracking

Kalamata, Greece

Client: Ustadh Umar

Tai-Chi school - Wexford, Ireland

Client: Valmo

Furniture Master Upholsterers


Bristol, UK

Client: Trevor Lawrence

Hip & Knee Clinic, Solihull UK

Client: PWS

London Underground Contractors


London, UK

Client: Hellas Homes

Estate Agents - Kalamata, Greece

Client: Jerome Guitars

Guitar Master Luthier


Birmingham, UK

communication design solutions

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South Birmingham

Acocks Green, Hall Green

Moseley, Solihull



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