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Client: Mikan Zlatkovich

Jazz Pianist - San Diego, CA USA

Mikan Zlatkovich is an American virtuoso jazz pianist with a distinguished career. Over the years he has performed with jazz legends such as Tony ScottClifford JordanChet BakerErnie WilkinsRalph PenlandRed Holloway, Louis Hayes ...

Client: Daniel J. Parc,

Jazz Singer - San Diego, CA USA

Daniel J. Parc is a San Diego jazz balladeer, an accomplished singer who brings his own brand of romance and soft vibes to the genre. Over the years Daniel has performed and shared the stage with many notable Californian jazz musicians, such as Mikan ZlatkovichPeter Sprague, Jesse DavisGilbert CastellanosLlew MatthewsJohn B. Williams ...

Client: Trevor Lawrence

Hip & Knee Clinic - Solihull, UK


Mr Trevor Lawrence Orthopaedic Consultant, one of the UK's top Hip & Knee Replacement and Revision surgeons.

Client: Istituto HFC

Family Mediation - Rome, Italy

IstitutoHFC, psychology assessment legal services, specialising in assessment of causes of separation, divorce, custody of children, assessment of psychological trauma ...

Client: WebSurgeons

Design Agency - Birmingham, UK

WebSurgeons, Birmingham UK design & development company offering both Web and Print design solutions.