Embrace restrictions. Some of the best ideas & solutions come from constraints. if there aren't any, go ahead create some of your own.

Robert Fleege

Imagine a brief saying you can't use any words or text? What if it says you can't mention the product? Or if the product had to occupy 3/4 of the ad space? Just imagine the creative possibilities.

"It’s never been easier for audiences to skip, filter, or avoid advertising, so the best ideas are the ones that respect the audience's need to get something out of it; they should inspire, satisfy, or motivate. You can’t just bombard people with advertising messages anymore and hope they'll respond.”

Ajaz Ahmed, Velocity: The Seven New Laws for a World Gone Digital.

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Client: WebSurgeons - Marvelous gag - Warning: a tired looking website could seriously damage your business -
Client: WebSurgeons - Carma gag - Sharpen up your website, and watch your business grow -
Client: WebSurgeons - Stellar Artwork gag - Warning: pissed up designs die young -
Exhibition stand design
Advertising / Promo - Estate Agents -
Advertising / Promo - Estate Agents -
Advertising / Promo - Telematics & GPS Systems -

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